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Hearts and Stars 2018 Annual Benefit

February 10th, 2018, 5 to 7 p.m. The Taos Coalition to End Homelessness annual benefit art auction at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, 119 Kit Carson Road, Taos, NM. Fine Art, entertainment, food & fun. Silent Auction includes a Kimberly Webber work. For more info phone 575-758-3255.

isis-rising_Kimberly-Webber_Contemporary Symbolist Paintings_Magical Realism_Transcendental Art_Archetypal Visionary Artist_Taos New Mexico

Isis Rising | 48″ x 30″ earth pigments, oil on panel (c) Kimberly Webber

Humpback Whales, Mermaids and Sharks

Just returned from an amazing journey to Tonga to swim with the humpback whales. It was humbling, extremely heart opening and beyond words beautiful.  I met so many great people on this trip.  I’ll post more later on my own interaction with the whales, still going through the footage and imagery and fully integrating this powerful, life changing experience. I met Hannah Fraser (Hannah Mermaid) and Shawn Heinrichs in Tonga; two artists who are collaborating to create truly next level imagery to bring awareness to what is happening with our oceans. Check out this piece they created, Tears of a Mermaid “Woman Dances with Tigress Sharks” to see some of the most phenomenal, cutting edge visual work on the planet. You can check out Shawn’s organization to get involved in conservation and activism efforts for our planetary oceans.

Early Autumn Studio Update from the Rocky Mountains, New Dates for INVOCATION

Kimberly Webber 2017 screen shot from recent film footage, drone filming session for documentary by Marie Pedersen

Greetings friends! Happy Autumn! It is warm and absolutely gorgeous here in the Rockies and I am deep in my studio process on the new series INVOCATION. There are 12 paintings plus the giant 15′ whale painting in motion now. We had scheduled a late October opening for this new work in Taos, but upon the advice of my gallery director, we have rescheduled the exhibition to open during the magical holiday season in Taos. The new date for the opening reception of INVOCATION is Friday, December 29th, 2017 at Untitled Fine Art in Taos. People travel from all over the world to experience the holidays in Taos and it is a fun time of year for a celebration and opening for this new series. You can call the gallery for more info at 575-758-3969. There will be live music, hors d’oeuvres and champagne. The December date gives me more time to finish this series, several of which are larger 6′ paintings. We are continuing the documentary film project and will announce details on the whale painting ocean charity event soon.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you this autumn or winter in beautiful Taos!


New Vision at Sacred Mountain Conference

The New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain Conference is scheduled for October 19th through October 25th, 2017 at El Monte Sagrado Resort, a couple blocks east of our Taos Gallery on Kit Carson Road in beautiful downtown Taos. I have been asked to lead the group of visionary participants into a meditation through the portal of the archetypes in one of my paintings. We plan to have several original paintings at the conference hall for participants to engage with, including the giant  8′ x 10′  Light Echo diptych. I am also going to be speaking about my role as a Keeper of the Honeybees and their loving message and frequency of unity, healing and abundance . For more info please visit:

New series and documentary film

Greetings everyone and Happy Summer! It is so beautiful here in Taos at this time of year, it is my favorite:) There are 15 new paintings underway in the 2017 series; several large paintings including a life-size baby humpback whale. The whale painting is going to auction later this year for a gala fundraiser event to benefit the oceans. We’ll post more info here as the details unfold. I have also been working with a documentary film maker from Los Angeles who has been here in Taos filming in my studio all week. She and I met in LA during my solo exhibition in February. We are having fun filming and photographing the process and technique. We have a couple more Taos filming sessions planned this year as the series progresses. The photo here is a still screen shot from slow-motion footage of ink and giant antique horse-hair brush markings on a huge 15′ sheet of rice paper. The sequence was captured on film and also via still photography with another talented photographer from LA. So fun!!!

Taste the Light by FOUNTAIN

“Taste the Light” by FOUNTAIN all original deep groove, live multi-media art experience! Love my talented band members & bros. We’ve been working together in various incarnations for years. This vid is from one of our recent Saturday night practice sessions in Ranchos; it is totally live, raw/un-mastered/un-compressed etc.  We are creating an epic performance with GOVINDA on Friday, May 12th, 2017 at Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership . If you are in Taos we’d love to see you there! The show promises to be an incredible event with world class musicians, multi-media artists and performers. Time to gather the tribes and dance it down xo

Third Seven and Resonating Light Bodies at our Taos Gallery

Greetings Friends! I am back in Taos after a month in Los Angeles with the INITIATION exhibition. It was an amazing time in LA and great to be home in the mountains now as well. We are hosting a special performance at Untitled Fine Art on Monday March 27th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Third Seven performs amidst the Breathing Light Mandalas of KC Tebbutt. Several of my new paintings will be exhibited as well as new Randall LaGro paintings. Sierra Brown/Fawns of Faerie Light will accompany Third Seven. It is going to be a magical evening of art, performance and fun. Hope to see you there xo

Stand with Standing Rock Taos Benefit



Millions have been watching the situation at Standing Rock unfold throughout 2016. Standing Rock is truly a watershed moment  for not only the US but for all nations, our Planet and All Life.  The Lakota Sioux Tribe is joined by nearly 300 Indigenous Tribes and thousands of peaceful water protectors from all around the world who are gathered to pray for clean water, clean air and to protect our sacred land. This movement was initiated by the youth and by women.  Standing Rock is about all Life, all children, all of our families, present and future generations. It is about our ability as humanity to evolve and transition from fossil fuel to clean energy. It is about shifting our priorities to honoring and protecting Mother Earth and our communal resources. We are transitioning from corporate interests whose bottom line is profit at all costs.  It is time. Thank you to the Lakota Sioux Tribe and Elders, and all of the brave souls who are peacefully gathered and standing to Protect the Sacred. Every single one of our prayers and peaceful actions matters greatly. Your voice matters.  I have donated “Passage” 18″ x 10″, oil on panel version of the original, retail value $900 to the Taos Benefit for Standing Rock. The event takes place on December 11th, 2016 at Taos Mesa Brewing.  Stand With Standing Rock * Water is Life


Love is the antidote. Choose love.

Summer Solstice/Full Moon/White Tantra



Happy Summer everyone!! What a beautiful and rare occurrence to have the 2016 Summer Solstice and the Full Moon on the same day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, the last time there was a Full Moon/Summer Solstice on the same day was 70 years ago! We celebrated in Taos with a silent qigong practice as the sun set and the moon rose over the mountains; a divine evening. I woke up predawn yesterday and joined the White Tantra Summer Solstice Kundalini Sadhana gathering up in the high desert mountains of Espanola. It was my first White Tantra immersion and it was powerful, challenging and highly transformative. I absolutely loved it! I began practicing yoga as a young adult in 1993, and have been practicing Kundalini yoga since 2000. I resonate deeply with Kundalini, it remains my favorite lineage of yogic science. With the planetary alignments, the time on the Earth and all other factors combined, the practice of sitting with 1000+ other yogis/yoginis doing kriyas, chanting mantras all day in the remote mountain desert was perfect medicine, filling my soul with profound love, gratitude and light. Together we broke through major subconscious blockages, burned through the dross and seriously amplified healing energy for humanity and the planet. Not a bad way to spend the day!! Now back to the studio, so excited about this new body of work. Diving into deep flow of the pure joy of creation of this series. We are still planning to open the exhibition at the end of the year around the holidays at the Taos gallery. Many blessings to you all xo

Initiation/Studio update

Back in the studio after incredibly magical spring journeys to Europe, NYC and the west coast. Fully immersed in the beautiful vibe in Taos and the emerging green life-force energy at the Ranchos studio and compound. So much gratitude for all of it and for all of you:) Having fun creating this new body of work, it is progressing smoothly and I am enjoying diving deeper into the shamanic aspect of this series and the messages/gifts of the medicine animals, birds and archetypes. Continuing to anchor in the new earth frequencies through the alchemical creation of the paintings and meditation practice, sacred sound current work with other practitioners as well community qigong and kundalini practices. We have decided to open the new exhibition INITIATION (working title) in Taos in December this year before the work travels to other cities/countries. Details will be posted here in the next few months. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Spring/Summer!

Happy Valentine’s Day

May we cultivate and open heart coherence within so that our world may be illumined with true love, healing and peace. As we align with the infinite love within,  so appears love all around us. Blessed Be!

celestial heart

Deep Winter in the Rocky Mountains

Greetings and happy wishes for a great 2016 to all! I am deep in the studio working on the new series, there are many images coming through asking to be manifested into the 3D. The new work is intensely shamanic with compelling animal and bird medicine accompanying the archetypes. Fun!!! More soon! Many blessings and much gratitude xo

Art Basel Miami Beach

Just returned from a fun week in Miami at the premiere international art fair Art Basel Miami Beach. Wow, what an array of world class contemporary artwork. There are a plethora of parallel fairs including NADA and Untitled Art Fair plus a vast selection of art related events around the city all week.  Highlights for me included White Cube’s presentation of 6′ x 6′ An Improvisation by Taos Artist Larry Bell in the Design District and an opening night lecture with the artist by Serpentine Gallery’s Hans Ulrich Obrist; “Unrealism” an exhibition of contemporary figurative work curated by Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch across the street from Larry’s exhibition and a morning lecture/salon with Jenny Holzer and Trevor Paglen at Art Basel. Also, was happy to be able to check out the Rubell Family Collection’s exhibition of 100 women artists titled “No Man’s Land” this morning on the way to the airport It was a non-stop week of events and phenomenal art.

New abstract paintings, Autumn in Taos

30" x 20" earth pigments, encaustic, oil on panel

Indigo 30″ x 20″ earth pigments, encaustic, oil on panel 2015

Have been playing with the pure minerals, and completely submerging the figurative elements. This is an intuitive and freeing process of working with the raw earth pigments to create even more depth and chaytoyancy. “Indigo” has pure indigo that I brought back from Aswan/Egypt, lapis, mica, gold.

24" x 18" earth pigments, encaustic,oil on panel

Becoming the Falcon of Gold 24″ x 18″ earth pigments, encaustic,oil on panel

Here is another painting with pure raw umber that I brought back from Italy, mica, gold, raw Sienna and the subtle under-painting with emerald green, sepia and hand-made Sumi ink. Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for the opening of PORTAL, it was a lovely evening and great to see everyone, old friends and new. Now the aspen leaves are golden, the weather is clear and beautiful here. Time to go for a hike in the mountains ~ Happy Autumn!!


PORTAL paintings in process

12 new oil paintings are in process in my studio now, reaching completion for the opening exhibition at Untitled Fine Art in Taos on Saturday night, September 26th, 2015 from 5 to 8 pm. We will have a big party to celebrate the new paintings with live tabla and sitar music by Pardeshi, all-organic refreshments and a dramatic “light etching” performance by 4th dimensional artist Erik Reiger from 8 to 8:30 pm. Two of my paintings are also in the Taos Fall Arts Festival/Taos Select that opens the night before, Friday September 25th. The Paseo is a great new addition of outdoor installation and real time live works from international artists that light up the main road of Taos all weekend long after dark. This is a world class weekend of art and performance, hope you all can be there to check it out.  Super excited about PORTAL/ my new body of work, it feels like it is a quantum leap forward with beautiful abstraction and mineral subtleties within the surfaces. It’s all detail work, glazing and sanding/polishing now. Thanks for stopping by!