One of the new paintings in the EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT series is a life size rhino mother and baby. The painting was initiated in 2018 when the last Northern White male rhino died and the species became functionally extinct . It hit me like a ton of bricks. I went into profound shock over this and vowed to do something to bring attention to these magnificent creatures and their primordial wisdom and beauty. Rhinos have thrived on this planet for millions of years. We do not have to lose our keystone species and the myriad less visible species that reside in these ancient and complex habitats. We can mobilize and implement creative ways to coexist on this miracle planet. Humanity is part of the web of life and as we awaken to this, we can course-correct to ensure that our present and future generations will be able to experience the rich diversity of life on this planet. I did a lot of research on which organizations were doing the most for the rhinos in the wild and found Helping Rhinos. I had a third party in the environmental non-profit space work with me to vet the organization and Helping Rhinos is the real deal with 100% of the donations going to directly helping these amazing beings. A branch of their organization that is particularly inspiring is the Black Mambas all female anti-poahcing unit My original painting Continuum is going to be for sale at the annual Helping Rhinos Gala in London in addition to smaller Dedicated Edition archival paper prints. I have chosen to have the proceeds directly benefit the Black Mambas. Here is the listing for the original painting and the prints for the silent auction. There will be a Live Auction at the Gala event in London, UK on 23 October 2021. My original painting and the Dedicated Edition prints are Lot #102 in the silent auction, which is online now here silentauctionUK/helpingrhinos

The painting is a meditation on survival and new life; the scene is unfolding at sunrise and the palette is uplifting and soft, the rhinos are full of vitality as they charge out towards the viewer/future in an unbroken lineage, descended from aeons of ancestors, a Continuum arc of a legacy species. Get involved, this is it! This is our chance to make a difference. Even if you just go to Helping Rhinos and donate $5, please take action. Tell your friends. Thank you!

Contemporary Symbolist Painter Kimberly Webber with “Continuum” original painting at the opening reception, August 2021, for EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT (photo credit Stuart Phelps)
Continuum 96" x 72" rice paper, earth pigments, encaustic, oil on canvas
Continuum I 96″ x 72″ rice paper, earth pigments, encaustic, oil on canvas © Kimberly Webber. Photo credit Barry Norris Studio.