ENDANGERED is an inspirational project focused on harnessing the power of fine art to help protect and support the world’s endangered species.
Partnering with carefully vetted international charities, the campaign features the work of Taos-based fine artist Kimberly Webber and other global artists, who have painted many of the majestic endangered species. The collection includes original paintings and 16 exclusive archival “Dedicated Edition” Museum Print editions, designed to tour as an exhibition to partner galleries and museums around the world. The Dedicated Edition Museum Prints of each painting are available in small, medium and large with 70% of the profit directly donated to each corresponding charity.

ENDANGERED raises awareness and essential funding for partner charities committed to protecting endangered species. For 20+ years Webber has painted images of animals and archetypal figures and donated a percentage of her proceeds to a wide variety of charities protecting animals, forests and wild habitats.

Our mission is to awaken public awareness. It is a meditation of survival and regeneration. As artists we have produced images of these animals that become the currency for their survival. By bringing awareness to this imminent threat to the animals and humanity, our group consciousness connects and expands. We are committed to a planet that protects and supports all species while providing beautiful art that honors and provides for them.

For more information about ENDANGERED and the Dedicated Edition prints, please contact the Gallery :  Contact 

Gallery images:

Isitva benefits www.panthera.org

Vasitva benefits  www.wcs.org

Eden benefits  www.journeynorth.org

Immanence benefits www.treesisters.org

Invocation benefits www.giraffeconservation.org

Return of the Snow Leopard benefits www.snowleopard.org

Forever benefits www.internationaltigerproject.orgOriginal Painting Available

Continuum benefits www.helpingrhinos.orgOriginal Painting Available

Lioness benefits www.mongabay.org

Crucible benefits www.black-jaguar.org , Original Painting Available

Ocean’s Call benefits www.oceana.org

Atlantis benefits www.paulwatsonfoundation.org

Summoning Powers benefits www.worldwildlife.org/species/arctic-wolf

The Edge benefits  www.cheetah.org

Meridian benefits www.snowleopard.orgOriginal Painting Available

Jaguar of the Malinalco benefits www.pachamama.org

The artist is offering each of the paintings as a special “Dedicated Edition” suite of 1000 hand signed, numbered pigment ink archival prints on museum paper in small, medium and large sizes to support the work of the corresponding charity. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each print. To learn more about the work of each charity, or to donate directly, visit the links above. For information about the ENDANGERED “Dedicated Editions” contact the gallery: Contact