Here is my new hummingbird painting that the ever lovely Alexis modeled for. “Suntelia” is an ancient word about the end of an aeon and the beginning of a new era. Humanity/our world has arrived at a crucible point, as the old world crumbles before our eyes. These last few months have felt like a strange bardo state between worlds. The previous paradigm of society was not sustainable with one species dominating, consuming and destroying the very systems that sustain all life on this miracle planet; voraciously grinding up the ecosystem for greed and profit. A power over paradigm. This can longer go on. The illusion of separation must shift if we are to make this quantum leap forward into a world where all life is respected and honored. Where the Earth has her rights restored, where children all around the world are protected, cherished and encouraged. Where each and every human being has dignity, equality and freedom. Where collaboration replaces competition. This vision for our world is closer than it appears right now. As we individually remove our focus from our differences and instead consciously place our sacred attention (the true currency of life) upon our shared goals and connectivity; health, freedom, compassion, kindness, our love for our families and children, clean air, clean water, clean food and basic dignity for all beings. Respecting and celebrating diversity while embracing our interdependence. As we learn to do this, we shall together truly create a world that works for all. It is possible, and it is closer than it appears during this time of great upheaval.The new “Suntelia” painting focuses on beauty and wonder. The hummingbirds defy logic as they migrate for thousands of miles twice per year. They bring the medicine of strength, perseverance and JOY. They represent ultimate freedom (a hummingbird can never be caged) and the miraculous depth of intelligence, sophistication and elegance of the natural world through their epic migrations upon tiny wings.