The Contemporary Symbolist Paintings of

Kimberly Webber

The ancient Egyptians dedicated special temples to the sacred art of dreaming. Today, the world shamans and elders encourage humanity to dream the world that we want to see emerge; to dream into reality healing, balance and peace. Taos artist Kimberly Webber’s paintings are meditations on the sacred vision of dreams, the mystery, power and magic of the natural world and the realms of the archetypes who reside in our collective super-consciousness. Kimberly Webber’s paintings are exhibited and collected internationally.

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21 AUGUST 2023 A fun travel article with a feature about Kimberly Webber's work and Untitled Fine Art in Vogue Magazine, listed in the Taos section. The article has lots of local suggestions for a great New Mexico adventure....

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Priestess of Light Oracle Deck

Hay House Publishers have paired Contemporary Symbolist Painter Kimberly Webber with Best-Selling Author Sandra Anne Taylor for the stunning "Priestess of Light" Oracle deck and book. The deck is based on 53 paintings with corresponding messages and guidebook...

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