Just returned from an amazing journey to Tonga to swim with the humpback whales. It was humbling, extremely heart opening and beyond words beautiful.  I met so many great people on this trip.  I’ll post more later on my own interaction with the whales, still going through the footage and imagery and fully integrating this powerful, life changing experience. I met Hannah Fraser (Hannah Mermaid) and Shawn Heinrichs in Tonga; two artists who are collaborating to create truly next level imagery to bring awareness to what is happening with our oceans. Check out this piece they created, Tears of a Mermaid “Woman Dances with Tigress Sharks” to see some of the most phenomenal, cutting edge visual work on the planet. You can check out Shawn’s organization bluespherefoundation.org to get involved in conservation and activism efforts for our planetary oceans.