Ocean’s Call | 72″ x 180″ rice paper, earth pigments, oil on canvas (c) Kimberly Webber 2018.  seachangesummerparty.org

The life-size newborn baby humpback whale painting that I have been working on is finally finished. The concept was in my consciousness for a couple of years prior to the actual physical creation of this giant 15′ painting, which took well over a year to complete. I am delighted to announce a fun collaboration with Oceana and their annual gala fundraiser “SeaChange Summer Party” held at a private residence in Laguna Beach, California this July. The link above has details on the auction, venue and event. Details for “Ocean’s Call” can be viewed at seachangesummerparty.org/auction Interested collectors, organizations or museums can bid on the original painting online for the next three months, up until the event on July 21st, 2018. The purchase is tax deductible and all proceeds go to Oceana; I am donating 100% of the proceeds from “Ocean’s Call” to support these important conservation efforts for our planetary oceans. From the initial conception of this painting I had envisioned donating the final work to an excellent charity to benefit the oceans. The painting is a response to the myriad challenges facing the oceans and my own deep love for all the ocean’s creatures, especially the whales. Oceana is the largest international ocean conservation and advocacy organization. Oceana works to protect and restore the world’s oceans through targeted policy campaigns and I am thrilled to support their work in this way.