Greetings! Here is the short one-minute version documenting the creation of “Ocean’s Call”. Marie Pedersen of Verdant Vue Productions in Los Angeles filmed over the course of 2017 in Taos. She filmed many detailed sequences in the studio, of my Asian European fusion process, and other aspects of my life here in Northern New Mexico; including incredible footage in the mountains and also with the acequia, bees, farming, connection to the land etc. So Ocean’s Call is one small part of the work that we did together. The short 1 minute version shows the process and evolution of this 15′ painting designed to bring awareness to the whales and all life in the oceans. “Ocean’s Call” is finished now and has a sheer beautiful encaustic layers, which minimizes glare and unifies the overall surface in a luscious way. It will be exciting to see where this painting will go. It was a fun project and now it is time for it to go out into the world to inspire dialogue and action for our planet’s oceans. May our oceans thrive in health, diversity, life and beauty forever. Solstice Blessings xo