Millions have been watching the situation at Standing Rock unfold throughout 2016. Standing Rock is truly a watershed moment  for not only the US but for all nations, our Planet and All Life.  The Lakota Sioux Tribe is joined by nearly 300 Indigenous Tribes and thousands of peaceful water protectors from all around the world who are gathered to pray for clean water, clean air and to protect our sacred land. This movement was initiated by the youth and by women.  Standing Rock is about all Life, all children, all of our families, present and future generations. It is about our ability as humanity to evolve and transition from fossil fuel to clean energy. It is about shifting our priorities to honoring and protecting Mother Earth and our communal resources. We are transitioning from corporate interests whose bottom line is profit at all costs.  It is time. Thank you to the Lakota Sioux Tribe and Elders, and all of the brave souls who are peacefully gathered and standing to Protect the Sacred. Every single one of our prayers and peaceful actions matters greatly. Your voice matters.  I have donated “Passage” 18″ x 10″, oil on panel version of the original, retail value $900 to the Taos Benefit for Standing Rock. The event takes place on December 11th, 2016 at Taos Mesa Brewing.  Stand With Standing Rock * Water is Life