Back in the studio after incredibly magical spring journeys to Europe, NYC and the west coast. Fully immersed in the beautiful vibe in Taos and the emerging green life-force energy at the Ranchos studio and compound. So much gratitude for all of it and for all of you:) Having fun creating this new body of work, it is progressing smoothly and I am enjoying diving deeper into the shamanic aspect of this series and the messages/gifts of the medicine animals, birds and archetypes. Continuing to anchor in the new earth frequencies through the alchemical creation of the paintings and meditation practice, sacred sound current work with other practitioners as well community qigong and kundalini practices. We have decided to open the new exhibition INITIATION (working title) in Taos in December this year before the work travels to other cities/countries. Details will be posted here in the next few months. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Spring/Summer!