Happy Summer everyone!! What a beautiful and rare occurrence to have the 2016 Summer Solstice and the Full Moon on the same day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, the last time there was a Full Moon/Summer Solstice on the same day was 70 years ago! We celebrated in Taos with a silent qigong practice as the sun set and the moon rose over the mountains; a divine evening. I woke up predawn yesterday and joined the White Tantra Summer Solstice Kundalini Sadhana gathering up in the high desert mountains of Espanola. It was my first White Tantra immersion and it was powerful, challenging and highly transformative. I absolutely loved it! I began practicing yoga as a young adult in 1993, and have been practicing Kundalini yoga since 2000. I resonate deeply with Kundalini, it remains my favorite lineage of yogic science. With the planetary alignments, the time on the Earth and all other factors combined, the practice of sitting with 1000+ other yogis/yoginis doing kriyas, chanting mantras all day in the remote mountain desert was perfect medicine, filling my soul with profound love, gratitude and light. Together we broke through major subconscious blockages, burned through the dross and seriously amplified healing energy for humanity and the planet. Not a bad way to spend the day!! Now back to the studio, so excited about this new body of work. Diving into deep flow of the pure joy of creation of this series. We are still planning to open the exhibition at the end of the year around the holidays at the Taos gallery. Many blessings to you all xo